The Star Wars Collectibles Author Panel


I had the distinct pleasure of being in the company of the very best authors of Star Wars collectible books on one stage at the Celebration 5 collector panels. It was exciting for a self-published author like myself to rub elbows with Lucasfilm sanctioned scribes like Pete Vilmur, Anne Neumann and Steve Sansweet .

L-R: Gus Lopez, Pete Vilmur, Anne Neumann, Todd DeMartino, Duncan Jenkins, Shane Turgeon and Steve Sansweet.

It goes without saying that it was a real honor to be included on a panel with Steve Sansweet, the granddaddy of Star Wars collectibles books. He has authored 14 Star Warsbooks to date and has single-handedly guided countless collectors, myself included, into the hobby through his awesome works. It was the highlight of my CV experience.

– Todd A. DeMartino

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